Individual financing

For sole proprietors or SMEs in particular, investing in the vehicle fleet, in equipment and machinery or in innovative projects is a cost factor that needs to be well planned and thought through. The optimal financing solution from the right financing partner is often the key to success. We don't just take you by the hand in these important steps, we break through barriers together with you. In the truest sense of the word. For the best overall concept, we use our international network. Apart from that, our offers are always individually tailored to your needs, your desired property and your financial starting position.

Get in touch!

We are available for you via telephone or e-mail for initial contact.
To the contact details

Let's talk in detail!

In a personal meeting we discuss all the points we need for our work. We strategically guide you through the appointment & answer all your questions.

We present your financing concept!

With your input, we work on the most suitable solution: strategically & operationally. We discuss the result together and define the next steps.

On this you can rely on

Conversation on eye level

Don't be afraid, if the topics of financing and leasing are new territory for you. We explain our approach and justify our recommendations in a coherent and comprehensible manner. It is important to us that you are fully informed.

Object-independent specialist

As leasing specialists, there is hardly anything that we have not yet financed. So don't just think of HV LeasePartner for cars, heavy transports or machinery. You are also in good hands with aircraft, photovoltaic systems, biogas equipment, medical technology equipment for laboratories and the like.

Personal consulting

At HV LeasePartner, the executive management itself - and therefore two leasing and finance experts - are available to answer your questions. No impersonal call centers or waiting loops. We are available - in person, via telephone or e-mail. Just as it is convenient for you!

Holistic project approach

Particularly in the case of individual financing for EPUs or SMEs, there is often more to it than the mere execution of a leasing contract. Tax issues, capitalization options or simply the consideration of private and professional use of the property, require open discussions to find an optimal solution: tax, legal and financial.

Comprehensible calculation

The property, the form of financing and your current financial situation must match in order to be able to prepare an optimal offer. We make no secret of the composition of our offers. That way, there are no surprises during or at the end of the contract term.
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