About us

Rooted in the leasing sector

The strategic implementation of a sales financing concept in the company, but also the processing of these transactions on the financier side have become very complex. For you we keep an Europe-wide overview.

We know what is important for you - on the customer side as well as on the financier side. We ask the right questions, know about strategic obstacles in sales financing, mediate throughout Europe and across countries, use our international network for your advantage and, above all, act quickly, flexibly and reliably. We work with determination to find the best financing solution for end customers, keeping an eye on risk assessments, legal frameworks and requirements in equal measure.

internationally experienced


HV LeasePartner serves EPUs, SMEs and corporations. Our work is clearly characterized by values, which are equally important to us in our cooperation with customers and partners. 

Projects and properties are different – which is why our offers are structured individually. We combine service modules and financing options to suit your needs precisely. The standard we set for our work always remains the same.

Flexible working method
Purposeful implementation
Individual offers
International processing
Leasing experts

The team of HV LeasePartner

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Haslinger, MA

Managing director

Sebastian Volbert

Managing director

Strong partnership

Especially the activity in international business requires strong and well-founded partnerships. For the largest German leasing agent – FM LeasingPartner – we therefore act as an internationally active partner for small and large sales financing projects of our customers. We put together offers throughout Europe and across national borders.

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